You’re reading this because you’re interested in being part of one of the most profitable and exciting industries in the world as an “Executive Producer”. You want to see an investment contribute toward the creation of something special. Passion is what fuels creativity, but it is the TEAM that ultimately collaborates toward making the impossible… possible. We want you to be part of that team and experience the whole process… join us on set, watch the action unfold, see the creation narrow down in the edit, and truly be part of the final step of gracing the red carpet and watching your creation on the big screen for the world to enjoy.

Red Rabbit Pictures is passionate about making great films, but we’re also a company that wants to smartly produce movies that earn a profit. Focusing on genres like action, thriller, and horror have proven track records of high-concept projects made with low investments that yield big returns. We will be the first to say that investing in any film is a risky endeavor, and only suggest an investment that will not put your own financial security at risk. For every project we have a solid and strategic business plan, backed by transparent accounting so that you can be assured that your investment is properly spent.

Movies like the Paranormal Activity, Monsters, and Get Out are examples of cost-effective films that made a statement in the industry. We want to be the innovators, the creators, the producers of the NEXT project the redefines the movie industry, and hope YOU can join us.

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